Indo-western fashion has gained immense popularity in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Combining the best of traditional Indian wear and modern western styles, it offers a fresh and trendy look that's perfect for any occasion, including the workplace. If you're looking to rock Indo-western style for that perfect office look, here are 5 ways to do it:

Mix and Match: One of the easiest ways to achieve an Indo-western look is by mixing and matching traditional Indian and western pieces. For instance, you can pair a western blouse or shirt with a traditional Indian skirt or dhoti pants. This creates a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles, giving you a unique and sophisticated look that's perfect for the office.
Accessorize: Another way to incorporate Indo-western style into your office wardrobe is by adding traditional Indian accessories to your western outfits. This could include a pair of jhumka earrings, a statement necklace, or even a traditional Indian waistband. These accessories add a touch of elegance and grace to your office look, while still keeping it professional.
Play with Colors: Indo-western style is all about bold and vibrant colors. Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors and patterns to add a pop of color to your office wardrobe. For instance, you could pair a bright red or orange kurta with a pair of black or white pants, or wear a colorful scarf to add a touch of color to a neutral outfit.

Experiment with Fabrics: Traditional Indian fabrics like cotton, silk, and chiffon are perfect for the workplace, as they are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. You can experiment with different fabrics and textures to add depth and dimension to your outfits. For instance, you could pair a silk kurta with a denim skirt, or wear a cotton saree with a modern blouse.
Invest in Statement Pieces: If you're looking to make a statement in the workplace, invest in a few statement pieces that showcase your Indo-western style. This could include a bold printed scarf, a stylish jacket, or a pair of embroidered pants. These pieces add a unique touch to your office wardrobe, while still keeping it professional.
In conclusion, Indo-western style offers a perfect blend of traditional Indian and modern western styles, making it a great choice for the workplace. By mixing and matching, accessorizing, playing with colors and fabrics, and investing in statement pieces, you can rock the Indo-western look for that perfect office look that's both stylish and professional.

March 16, 2023 — Kaala Teeka